Over the years, many hunters have had guided hunts by Bigelow Mountain Guide Service. Here are a few comments from two of those hunters, Scott Williamson and Rich Melphiorri.

Scott Williamson, 46 years of hunting experience
Scott was a first-timer when it came to bear hunting. He came away with, not only a bear, but being “impressed by his[Kevin’s] guidance.” According to Scott, Kevin was very professional, efficient, attentive, and concerned about his hunters. The experience was made simple and, as he said, “All I did was shoot”. Scott had a “good time” and recommends Kevin for your guided hunting experience.

Rich Melchiorri, 42 years of hunting experience
Rich has been hunting along side Kevin’s guidance for the last five years. Over those five years, Rich has had many opportunities to get a bear, but he is waiting for that “trophy bear”. He explained how he “had a chance a couple years ago for a big bruin” when 20 minutes after Kevin left the bait site, a bear came strolling in. Even though Rich has yet to get that big bruin, he still walks away feeling that Kevin “has done his job” by keeping him informed, setting him up on an active bait sites, and being flexible in allowing the changing of bait sites. Other comments made by Rich include, “the accommodations are great” and the hunters “get together” at dinner and at night and “tell stories” and share their experiences. Also, Rich recognizes Kevin as a knowledgeable, honest, and caring guide. Kevin will be sure to situate stands for bow hunters at specific angles so they are ideal for hunters to get a smooth and easy shot. At the end of the day, Rich said that he is “happy to know him[Kevin]” and will continue working with Bigelow Mountain Guide Service until he gets that trophy bear.

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