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2018 and Prior

2018Hunt1   2018Hunt22018Hunt3   2018Hunt4


Three generations of bear hunters, young man on the left took this fine 220 lb boar.

2018_3   2018_2
2016bearhunt2   2016bearhunt1Man with Bear on Rock   Kevin with Bear on Rock

Big Bear

Big bear with big paw Check out the size of this bear’s paw; it’s huge! This is the type of trophy bear Mr. Melfiorri has been after. It comes back year after year.

Kevin and Man with Bear on Rock   Kevin and Man shaking hands with Bear

Bear at night   Bear near bait

Bear Walking to Bait   Close Bear

Bear near bait 2   Bear Standing

Bear Sniffing Bait   2014 Bear Hunt 1

2014 Bear Hunt 2   2014 Bear Hunt 3

2014 Bear Hunt 4

Moose Hunts:

Towing Moose with Skidder This is the easy way to get a moose out of the woods!

Hunter with Moose   Moose in Truck

Moose in Truck I guess you can fit a bull moose in the back of a Toyota pickup. Warden said it couldn’t be done!

Man and Kevin with Moose   

Moose hanging

Bigelow Mountain Scenery:

Bigelow Mountain and Pond   Bigelow Mountain at Dusk

Bigelow Colorful Sunset

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Kevin your pictures look great good job this year
    From jackie mel

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